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Unity3d iOS Testing with TestFlight

Unity3d iOS Testing with TestFlight

I can’t hesitate the importance of testing your games because I have experienced the painful feeling on getting rejected by Apple after waiting few days until reviewers get to check my game.

You want your players to have a great experience and even if you are certain to have tested everything in Unity it ...

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Unity3d source control and Unity3d GIT integration

Unity3d source control and Unity3d GIT integration

Back when I started working as a programmer source control systems didn’t really make much sense as it obviously does now, I was working as a Software Engineer at a local company with a team of 4 and I was the only engineer in the team who was handling source code.

Few months after ...

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Unity3d Upgrading Unity editor and project regularly

Unity3d Upgrading Unity editor and project regularly

I've been using Unity3d for about 5 years already and as you may know builds weren't as stable back then but this is very common with early software releases.

I remember having to redo so much work just because I had to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Unity3d, well I ...

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Why is Serialization in Unity3d so important and what can I really do with it?

Why is Serialization in Unity3d so important and what can I really do with it?

As Unity describes serialization is basically happening everywhere in the game engine. When you save a scene in your game for instance Scene_1.unity - this file is a serialized representation of your scene and what Unity really does when you double click on your “.unity” file is then deserialize the file into an object representation ...

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Unity3d Analytics - What it really takes to get analytics setup

Unity3d Analytics - What it really takes to get analytics setup

Is funny fact but I really didn’t considered using in game analytics one week prior to releasing Stickman World to the App Store, and honestly I had thoughts during my initial development phases but what crossed my mind was that it was just going to just add development time and it was never a ...

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Stickman World - Now Available after 3 fun years

Stickman World - Now Available after 3 fun years

iOS Download MAC Download

Stickman World is a minimalistic and beautiful game which takes place in an underground environment after the hero "Stickman" is surprised to awaken in an unknown territory.

The game includes the following features:

  1. Handcrafted sprites and minimalistic environments.
  2. Difficult puzzles that challenge the player ability during gameplay
  3. Unique teleporting mechanic allowing ...

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Creating a WatchOS companion for your Unity3d Game

Creating a WatchOS companion for your Unity3d Game

Apple Watch is an awesome device, I did not buy one when it first came out in 2015 but waited about one year to buy it and honestly used to say to myself why would I need an Apple Watch if I have my iPhone device with me at all times, but honestly you don ...

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How to Deliver your Unity3d Game to the Apple Mac Store

How to Deliver your Unity3d Game to the Apple Mac Store

About one week ago I decided to change my release plans, I previously wanted to release my game to iOS only and then out of the nowhere MAC came to mind which I never thought to be a problem as I have been playing Stickman World on my MAC / PC and it was fully supported ...

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Optimizing Frame Rate - Saving Screenshot

Optimizing Frame Rate - Saving Screenshot

Today I had an interesting issue while serializing data.

This issue came about while working on SuperStickGame saving functionality. I couldn't find out why when the hero crossed a trigger collider which then execute a call to serialize my level and save it out to a file caused incredible spikes in FPS during the ...

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Sarcastic simplicities of game development

Sarcastic simplicities of game development

It was about a year ago when I started working on a prototype for what's now called #StickmanWorld, honestly all I wanted was a small and simple game with a stickman as a hero, well there is no such thing as simple in the game development vocabulary and I wish I knew that but ...

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