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Encouragement and best practices to keep you motivated during game development and ultimately help you in your path to complete your game.

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What happened today after releasing in Steam.

What happened today after releasing in Steam.

Hi all good evening from Salt Lake City !


Today I launched Cubiques in Steam and it was the first time I had released to Steam. The entire day was full of awesome feedback good and bad but in the end it was all a great learning experience.


I had also the opportunity to ...

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Keeping a healthy mind as an indie developer.

Keeping a healthy mind as an indie developer.

If you’re like me and have worked as an indie for a few months or years then you know how crazy can life get when you’ve joined the indie game industry. Why do I say the term “crazy” why is it so bad? honestly is not bad at all, but what is bad ...

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Why is blogging so important when creating an indie game.

Why is blogging so important when creating an indie game.

Few months ago I literally told myself that I was going to create at least one blog article a week about the indie game industry, game development, and technology in general.


I started on a good path, I setup a new website, added a new blog, made the blog mobile responsive, and built a ...

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Feeding your entrepreneur soul.

Feeding your entrepreneur soul.

I would have never imagined to have done what I have done so far in the last 3 years of my entrepreneurial adventure.


I clearly remember starting on a new project and feeling so scared to get it out to the public. Not only I was scared but I didn't really feel that ...

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Staying persistent and be persistent - Tips and tricks for game developers or any other niche

Staying persistent and be persistent - Tips and tricks for game developers or any other niche

As with any other skill, I had to learn to become a persistent person in my own projects. Not only I needed to keep the project excitement going but also had to learn to master habits that will ultimately train my brain, and overcome all challenges that any large project bring.


How to be ...

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Game Development Motivation

Game Development Motivation

The reality about Indie Game Development

Staying motivated can be one of the hardest tasks I encountered while working in my own game development projects. Reasons are many, obstacles are many, challenges are many and last of all I worked A LOT of hours even when I didn't anticipate to do so.


I ...

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Never resting and overthinking about our own games for game developers

Never resting and overthinking about our own games for game developers

As many of you know game developers at least in the indie scheme of things are constantly thinking about their own game projects, we wake up thinking about what could we do to make our games better, what kind of things we could add, how could we fix those bugs, how could we bring joy ...

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Transitioning from a "dreamer" to a "doer" mentality

Transitioning from a "dreamer" to a "doer" mentality

Ever since started working side projects around 5 years ago I was a dreamer, and don’t get me wrong I want to be a huge dreamer and feel like I have many dreams in life, but there is a huge difference about some of us who always wake up everyday thinking about who we ...

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Don’t let go of your passion!

Don’t let go of your passion!

Like everyone else I tend to lose focus once in a while and specially when my life revolves around software & game development and having an average of 4 to 6 hours of sleep.

My daily routine goes from waking up early around 5-6 AM and then going to a software programming day job which ...

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