Creating a cannon mechanic with MayaLT and Unity3d - Part 2

Creating a cannon mechanic with MayaLT and Unity3d - Part 2

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In the previous video, I walked you through creating a “Cannon” in MayaLT and then importing the MayaLT exported FBX model into Unity3d.

In this video, I go through few fixes we need to make to the “Cannon” before moving into implementing the “Cannon” mechanics. The fixes made here will help us in having corrections to naming in materials, correction in sizes, and we will be adding directional arrows to control the “Cannon” for touch and desktop type platforms.

If you want to learn 3D modeling in conjunction with Unity3d and also how to implement a mechanic then this is the video for you!

Indie game development takes a lot of time and this video shows how we had to fix few things we modeled in our previous video, the main reason is because we don’t know how things will work until we bring them into the game engine.

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