A dad, a husband, a day job, a mortgage, but a crazy obsession for game development.

A dad, a husband, a day job, a mortgage, but a crazy obsession for game development.

I wanted to share my experience since I am a dad of two boys, have a wife, a dog, a mortgage, a day job, and also a dream to make games full time in my own studio.


I know there are many of you like me, who wake up each day just dreaming about that day, we wake up super early, or go to bed super late, because we know inside of us (our gut) that one day we will be able to do game development full time.


Let me tell you a bit about how my days are each day. I wake up around 5:00 through 5:30 AM each morning and quickly review all my project tasks I have for my indie game, then I work until 8 AM, then I go to my day job which I have a role of a full stack developer in .NET. I normally get into my day job from 8:30 AM through 6 PM, oh I forgot to tell you that I exercise during lunch time for 30 minutes at a gym that is located next to the place where I work so it makes it very convenient.


As soon as I get home, I spent time with my family including kids, wife, and as soon as they fall sleep, I sneak out to my office when I work on my dream projects.


The main reason I wanted to talk about this is because I never thought this was possible, I didn’t believe I could do it all, when I started we didn’t have kids and as time has passed I have learned to manage my time, built good morning habits, track my time through a schedule, and everything I do I plan very well including my indie game projects and family activities.


The other main point to cover is that I wouldn’t be able to do this unless I was super obsessed and passionate about making games, I have created apps, and work on larger enterprise applications, but nothing really has made me feel so rewarding as indie dev has made me feel. The other day I gave my kid one of my games, he smiled and he said how much he enjoyed playing, he is just 4, and that to me makes it all worth it, I can’t explain how amazing it feels because you need to experience it or have experienced it already by letting other people play your games.


I appreciate this field so much and I am grateful everyday to be able to create games and have everything we need right on our hands, all we need is a little push to motivate ourselves everyday and be patient as great things do not happen overnight.


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