Be a perfectionist but a smart creator

Be a perfectionist but a smart creator

I think we all want to show the best of us, the best of our work, the best of our own skill sets, the best of who we are which is great, I love seen what other people create and a lot of people in the industry really do amazing work and many times is super inspiring.


We're not here to become someone else, we are not here to copy anyone else, or try to get to someone else potential, instead we are here to leave a mark, to show what is personal about you, what you like and not like, how you see the world is completely different to how other's may see the world. Also, I am not saying not to look for inspiration in others, but what I am saying is that you should always be yourself, be your own brand, have your own style, and try to be you, that unique person that loves to do everything that you put your mind into it and above all be patient about it and consistent.


I needed to create this article because I feel like many of us think that everything needs to be perfect before moving on, I've personally experience this while working early on in developing games and apps, I saw so much quality and I was so afraid to show my work because I had the fair that I was going to be judge by how amazing my creations looked, by how perfect it was, but honestly after many years of working as a developer, artist, business guy, marketer, etc I realized that what really matters is that we need to be ourselves, I had to be myself, I had to show what I love and I was surprised about how many people actually loved what I had created, some people even have said that everything I do is so perfect, well even though I thought it was a great compliment I honestly completely disagreed, I love the feedback and it really makes me feel so proud of my work, but I know there is some much potential for improvement and above all I am still that kid that has big dreams and I am always going to be the same person regardless of how my games do.


As a take away, always be yourself, be proud of what you do, and above all be humble, accept criticism, and keep creating more and more regardless of how your end product does in the marketplace.


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