A new indie casual game made by a solo developer

A new indie casual game made by a solo developer

Hi All how are you!


Today, I am pleased to announce that Fuse Balls my new casual game is now available for iOS Universal (iPhones and iPads)


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I also wanted to mentioned that it was so interesting how this game was born, I was sitting in front of my computer with a notepad that I use regularly to mock things up and somehow I decided to just draw few circles, and I had a weird idea about using nodes and rotations in a match 3 Game, this just magically made sense after trying it in photoshop. I think creating a game is magical and I love how the process works, anyhow here I leave you with few details about my new game.


A summary about it:


Fuse Balls was created with inspirations of minimalistic art design. Circles of various colors fall towards a center gravitational force creating smooth transitions and requiring color matching to fuse circles. The fun part about the game is how gravity reacts to circles, the circle gravity movements, music, and sound effects help with proving an unique game experience from a very basic match 3 game concept that can challenge the basic or advance player.


For additional information please be sure to check the media details at:




For info about all of my other games: http://www.dilmergames.com

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