What happened today after releasing in Steam.

What happened today after releasing in Steam.

Hi all good evening from Salt Lake City !


Today I launched Cubiques in Steam and it was the first time I had released to Steam. The entire day was full of awesome feedback good and bad but in the end it was all a great learning experience.


I had also the opportunity to review few videos released by the community and also few that indie game sites created including the one below that took me for surprise.


Anyhow, I wanted to share this to inspire other people to finish their games and even if you are a solo developer or dad or husband or all of those things together, I have to say that it is possible and I live it everyday, every single release is a success not just the monetary value but also what I have learned is something that nobody can ever take from me.


Cheers and my best wishes to all of you in your projects.


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