Bringing my iOS games into Steam

Bringing my iOS games into Steam

Hi all how are you!


So I've been working in Steam lately by bringing my games from iOS into that platform and this last weekend I brought in "Cubiques" which is now fully shipped and also released few patches over the weekend.


Today, I have been debating on either starting a new game for iOS, a VR game, or just port what I already have into Steam.


My decision was to bring over what I already have and add just few UI changes to the games to be more like a desktop game rather than an ugly mobile port.


Anyhow, I believe this could help me raise enough revenue and my plan is to have the games released while they generate $ and then while $ are generating I can focus on a much bigger game but for now looking at it from what I can do the least to get me to the point where I can work on much larger games.


Anyhow, today I reserved the game names in Steam and paid a fee per game as you can see in the attached image.


Just curious what your guys plans are this year and if you agree with some of my moves or not or whatever you feel like adding to contribute to helping everyone go from a hobby type to a full time game developer.


Thanks again and if you're curious about what I've done so far in the game development field which may seen as promoting but I like you to know what I've done so it can reinforce this entry and also keep in mind I've done everything as a solo game developer, 2 kids, wife, and full time .NET job.


Also for my latest steam game.


Thank you for your time and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter, also be sure to find me in twitter at @dilmerv and stop by and say hi as I love to chat with everyone.

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