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A new indie casual game made by a solo developer

A new indie casual game made by a solo developer

Hi All how are you!


Today, I am pleased to announce that Fuse Balls my new casual game is now available for iOS Universal (iPhones and iPads)


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I also wanted to mentioned that it was so interesting how this game was born, I was sitting in front of my ...

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Bringing my iOS games into Steam

Bringing my iOS games into Steam

Hi all how are you!


So I've been working in Steam lately by bringing my games from iOS into that platform and this last weekend I brought in "Cubiques" which is now fully shipped and also released few patches over the weekend.


Today, I have been debating on either starting a new ...

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What happened today after releasing in Steam.

What happened today after releasing in Steam.

Hi all good evening from Salt Lake City !


Today I launched Cubiques in Steam and it was the first time I had released to Steam. The entire day was full of awesome feedback good and bad but in the end it was all a great learning experience.


I had also the opportunity to ...

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