My new indie game adventure !

My new indie game adventure !

What an adventure !


I went to a conference about 2 months ago and each afternoon after the conference was done, I would go to the hotel and do what I love most which is game development. That first day I was playing around with Unity3d post processing effects and decided to brainstorm few new prototypes, well I came up with 4 different ones and all interesting enough are becoming real games!


The 1st prototype was a game I started back then "Cubiques 2" and initially it was going to be something different but somehow became a sequel, I didn't think too much about it and just started creating it. The 2nd prototype is "Tiny Rooms" which a team of students are helping me build right now, the 3rd one is "Tiny Wheels" which I plan to work on the next few days and last one didn't make it into a game just yet.


I honestly find it interesting and super motivational that I've managed to create games just from simple prototype and ideas, I can't explain how amazing it feels to see and experience a game you worked so hard become an actual digital product. I frequently open my games and see the whole thing done which just gives me that kick of good vibe that motivates me to create more and more games.


I honestly don't know how good this new one will do, all I know is that I am very proud of my work and I learned so much about the entire game development process, I keep learning everyday and with every project I find something new to learn.


My give away is to start creating guys, stop thinking about what to do or when to start, it is only your actions that will bring you knowledge and results.


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