Exploring other areas to help me build my indie game startup

Exploring other areas to help me build my indie game startup

I'm about to release a new game with exactly 6 days before I do so and to change things up a bit, I decided to do something different and attended a conference where people like Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk spoke. I was a bit oppose to going to conferences where many speakers just try to sell you something at the end of each talk, but to be honest I went with the best intentions and sat next to the speakers listening closely to what they had to say, I tried to focus on the good and avoided negativity whenever one tried to sell something (such as in their case a 3 day class). Anyhow, the conference was awesome, I got what I already knew, I knew what they already knew, this may sound redundant but is the true, they just confirmed my own beliefs about how to ship a product, how to generate content, and how to build a routine with good habits that ultimately could become your full career.


To mention a few things I was in agreement with them was that everyone in this world has a great idea, everyone knows something, they all think they know what they're talking about, some do but most just know theory and never ever get to apply a practical approach. In addition, we all dream and keep dreaming but many never get to transform those dreams into actions, however I do, I try to apply everything I learn into some other project, whatever it is that I do is for a reason and that reason can be a future game I may do, something I am already doing, or even a component that I may integrate in the near future. To summarize the conference, I know that one of the main reasons I didn't complete a project early on in my career was due to complexity, I wanted to have the most amazing product, with a lot of features, but I never sat down to ask myself the real question about how much time it was going to realistically take me. You have to be honest with yourself, you're your own manager, your own leader, if you plan to have a business you MUST produce content.


What do I mean with producing content? This can vary, in my case it can be games, blog articles, trailers, podcasts, newsletters, etc. You have to do this frequently and as much as you can. Games that take too long can work, but if you are just a newbie like I still feel that I am in comparison to bigger indie game studios, you need to build a market around your brand and this takes some serious dedication and time.


How frequent are we talking about when producing content? Well indie games to me shouldn't take longer than 6-12 months, I will also argue that if you're a beginner it should be much less 1-2 months and keep the game as simple as possible, the goal here is to learn and understand the entire process. To date I still feel like a newbie in many areas, yes I've created cool games but everyday I jump into work I learn so much which mades me feel like I am always going to be a newbie and that's the attitude I intent to have my whole life, I love to listen and learning and having such attitude will help you get the doors open everywhere you go.


To conclude, I wanted to share this because I feel that you should seek knowledge from different areas, remember you're wearing way too many hats (not only a developer) but you want to build a business and building one takes a lot of work and dedication.


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