Starting a new indie game right after launching a game

Starting a new indie game right after launching a game

Honestly I don't know how it happened but about 1 month ago I launched Cubiques (my second indie game) and right after I started exploring on ideas for my next indie game.


I remembered being in Minneapolis visiting for a Xamarin training with a daily training routine that started from 8 AM and went through 4 PM. Right at 4 PM I recall leaving the training facility and getting a quick dinner meal. I would then take my dinner back to the hotel in where I began working on prototyping.


My process of prototyping is nothing super complex, I normally just go to Trello where I keep all of my game ideas and pick the top 5 I love the most - then I decide on the aesthetics I like to have for the game idea and I simply open the game engine and set a time limit of 2-3 hours to work on the prototype. You could say that this is similar to a gamejam but in my case I do it all.


Anyhow to continue on the topic, I did about 2-3 prototypes:


  1. The first prototype was about having an abstract environment where you simply place a fixed amount of 3D domino style shapes in an area and your goal is to arrange them in a way that you can make them all fall by pushing one of the objects and letting the physics do the rest. I also used a lot of post processing effects and gave it a very unique look.

  2. The second prototype evolved from my first one. This time I used the same 3D domino style shapes but converted them to bridges and also decided to create little cars. My idea here was to have cars passing through bridges and then destroying the bridges to avoid them passing by. I had no idea on what the game was going to be about, all I knew was that I wanted to make a game about bridges and little cars.

  3. The third prototype just came to my mind in a very strange way. I loved the aesthetics of Cubiques, however I also love the aesthetics of Stickman World so all I wanted was to make a game similar to Cubiques but this time incorporating a minimalistic look to it. I spent about 1 hour on it and played around with effects until I had the right combination. Also mechanics were repetitive, I didn't want this prototype to have the same mechanics as in Cubiques so I started exploring, I added jumping cubes, elevators, platforms that moved from point A to B, but somehow it didn't feel just right, it was just too complex. Few hours later while copying cubes during level design phases I had an idea of cloning a cube and what if I could just clone many cubes and the movement of one could affect the movement of another one? I had many questions and to be honest initial levels were super complex until I realized how the mechanics could work with the right balance of cubes in a scene.


At this point I had 3 prototypes, it was 4 AM and I literally couldn't sleep with all these amazing ideas and concrete prototypes in place, well I had training and waited anxiously until 4 PM again to do it all over again. On the second day it was clearly that I loved all 3 prototypes, I needed to either pick one out of the 3 or go with all 3 - then I decided to have my 3rd prototype be Cubiques 2 and aligned the other 2 prototypes as next future indie games.


Ever since that day and to be precise one month of work that I've been dedicating to Cubiques 2. I set a goal to have it done in 2 months and in 1 month I was able to complete most of the game.


Today I am just going through polishing phases to making sure is as clean as possible and free of bugs. I've also set a release date to September 28th, 2017 which gives me a bit over a one month for marketing and polishing.


I hope this was helpful for you and you can clearly see how easy it could be to ship a product as long as you're willing to sacrifice your time and focus in what you love the most. It is a key element to prototype and make sure your idea can actually become a game.


Thank you for your time and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter, also be sure to find me at @dilmerv and stop by and say hi as I love to chat with everyone.

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