Marketing tips prior to launching an indie game.

Marketing tips prior to launching an indie game.

Few tips I decided to share to help everyone who is planning on launching their indie game or any digital product in general.


  1. Start marketing on day one. If you start development make sure marketing happens side by side.

  2. Don’t be afraid of social media and post as much information about your game as possible. The posts could include development progress, game play screenshots, UI screenshots, and anything meaningful that can also help the game community. You can also create posts that target gamers or as mentioned previously other game developers.

  3. Posts in social media should utilize meaningful hashtags. Do not bombard the community with 5-6 hashtags in a post, instead pick 1-2 hashtags that can target the niche you’re trying to communicate information to. For instance, while releasing Cubiques I did many post about upcoming release dates - so a tweet or post could be like “#Cubiques is coming to the AppStore x day, check it out when it releases. #indiegame” - Notice that I first started with the game name and then the community I was targeting.

  4. Prepare a press-kit that stands out and demonstrates why your game is amazing. Describe what the game is, what is the media saying about your game. If you haven’t given a build of your game to the media - make sure you do this before creating a press-kit or make sure to provide references about what beta testers liked about the game.

  5. Brand everything. Every post you create in social medias should include your studio name (or your personal name) and some kind of style. Be as consistent as possible with your branding.

  6. Notify media 1-2 months earlier, of course this applies to small indie studios. If you have a larger studio you may need to do this 6-12 months or more before releasing.

  7. Compile as many contacts as possible. This can be done by going to game conferences, meeting media press online, getting involved in forums, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, anywhere. This is crucial to your success, YOU MUST meet people in the industry and they must get to know YOU, show them your passion, show them your obsession.

  8. BE OBSESSED with what you do. Obsession is the key here, you’re a developer, you’re a marketer, you lead your brand, and every little time available you have must be used towards the overall growth of your brand.


Well, I could go on and on with more tips but these tips should give you an idea of what marketing can be like and help you in applying it in your own studio.


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