Working as a .NET developer and also indie game developer on the side.

Working as a .NET developer and also indie game developer on the side.

I couldn't resist to post about how much I have leverage all my knowledge as a full stack developer, in particular with .NET technologies has given me.

When I started working in Unity 5 years ago, I had junior experience as a c# developer. Back then I didn't know as much as I know now about topics such as dependency injection, interfaces, abstract classes, delegates, lambdas, web services, etc.

Back then I had a job and the job title was Junior .NET developer. My daily activities at work required me to know basic programming concepts as a junior developer, later on as many of you I wanted to grow and hopefully one day become a senior developer.

The first few weeks on my day job were honestly fun, they were hard, I didn't know what I was doing. I recall having to do an encryption and decryption application that required sending confidential information to a bank on a daily basis. The application was hard to write, probably not now but at the time the word encryption scared me badly. I also did many other tasks which I am going to summarized as business tools to not bore you to death, I know you love making games so I am keeping this part short.

Later on I got a job as a mid level .NET developer. This position also required c#, web services, JavaScript, and front end experience in MVC .NET. Many of these I knew about but never did them professionally so as everything else on my life, it was a very fun challenge.

Few months into this new job, something happened that changed my life completely. My manager approached me and asked me if I would be willing to develop an app for a Blackberry Playbook, I said to him, well I don't have a PlayBook, and his response was simply "You don't need one, you will get a free one if you develop an app and put it for sale in the Blackberry marketplace". As you may guess I did it and got my first reward from creating a digital product, oh man I felt so good, I kept asking how could that be possible, I can be rewarded for work delivered digitally ? I can distribute digital products ? Well that's how it all started and as you also may guess my next move was getting into game development.

After that point all I’ve been doing after my day job have been apps / games. It was until 3 years ago that I decided to focus mainly in games, why not right? Games are awesome, games can make a kid smile, games can make anyone smile! So started leveraging my c# skills which I learned during day job and now use them really really in depth while coding games in Unity / day job.

My goal for this article is simple, whatever it is you’re learning, make sure you use it for a purpose, make sure you are always gaining experience in your field and use that knowledge to help you grow and be successful as an individual. To me success is not getting rich, but learning a bit more everyday, I wake up each morning and go to my day job excited because I know that what I learn there I can use towards my own projects, also I can in exchange give them amazing tools.

Hope this was helpful and gives you insight on my why leveraging skills is so important and hopefully you can learn from doing it as well.


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