Releasing an indie game to multiple platforms.

Releasing an indie game to multiple platforms.

If you know me or haven’t heard of me, I am Dilmer and I am super obsessed with coding. I am also super obsessed with releasing games or anything I make to as many platforms as I can. Why, well because I can, because digital distribution has been made available to anyone with a passion and time to dedicate themselves to doing it.

Why should I release to multiple platforms? I get this question a lot, my answer my not sound too bright if that’s what you like to hear, I’m here to tell you that the main reason to do it is to get more people to play your game. Also it is very easy if you are using Unity. Unity provides you with build platforms for Nintendo, PlayStation, XboxOne, iOS, tvOS, MAC, etc, etc, etc.

Would I make more money if I do this? If you ask this question then you’re in the wrong field, money is critical, but concentrate in the game, concentrate in getting more people to play your games, and everything else will just come.

To give you a better idea of my decisions and what you should do. Getting your game to more people and more platforms gives you more opportunity, for instance when I released Cubiques, the game was featured Worldwide except in US, instead the MAC version got featured in US under the education and puzzle categories.

The awesome outcome this generated is that people who didn’t have an iOS device but had a MAC were able to play Cubiques, in addition I learned so much by building my game on those platforms. Yes money is important but the knowledge I acquired by building the game for MAC and tvOS gave me enough insight for my next game strategy. Now I know exactly what is required! Now I know better and gained experience on what kind of game should be release to those platforms.

For instance, Cubiques was the perfect game for tvOS, I didn’t know it, but as I look at the remote controls, I realized it worked really well with it.

Hope this was helpful and gives you insight on my decisions and hopefully you can learn from doing it as well.


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