Unity Post Processing effects

Unity Post Processing effects

We all love how better a game could look just by adding unity post processing effects and my game Stickman World took a lot of advantages of using image effects in menu and gameplay scenes including:

  • Vignetting
  • Fast Bloom
  • Noise And Grain
  • Grayscale Effect
  • And lastly Tilt Shift HDR


So image effects is what Unity3d used to call post processing effects, now they're part of their legacy stack. Newest versions of Unity 5.4.1+ use a new post-processing stack which increasingly simplifies how many passes are needed per effect. Also you can now interact with these effect using a new workflow as described below:

  1. Download the latest Post Processing Build
  2. Open your Unity project.
  3. Import the downloaded package into Unity3d by double clicking on the ".unitypackage" file.
  4. Under "Add Component" type "PostProcessing" and select the PostProcessingBehaviour.cs script.
  5. Create a new Post-Processing Profile by doing a right-click on your project panel and selecting Create -> Post-Processig Profile.
  6. Go back to step 4 and associate the new created Post-Processing profile to your added script component.


That's it, now all you have to do is select and tweak the effects available under the created post processing profile. I recommend running your game and while on play mode tweak the settings until you're satisfy with the results.


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