Staying persistent and be persistent - Tips and tricks for game developers or any other niche

Staying persistent and be persistent - Tips and tricks for game developers or any other niche

As with any other skill, I had to learn to become a persistent person in my own projects. Not only I needed to keep the project excitement going but also had to learn to master habits that will ultimately train my brain, and overcome all challenges that any large project bring.


How to be persistent or stay persistent throughout your project


  • Write everything down - or use a tool to help you do so if you prefer. Persistent people including myself have a drive for getting work done. Knowing what I have to do everyday helps me understand what the next task is, instead of waiting or doing tasks that haven't been aligned with my own goals. I call this wasting valuable time with nonsense work or scope creep.
  • Schedule your own time - and use Google Calendar to set the time to use when working on projects. You may think you can just easily do it, however making this part of your schedule tells your brain what is expected from you at a specific time. The reminders you get from calendar notification are also helpful.
  • Smaller tasks are better - and keeping them small will help you with tracking and motivation. Think about it, the feelings of success will come, you will keep going just by knowing tasks got completed, instead of getting overwhelmed with much larger tasks which may give you the impression of no progress.
  • Looking back at early prototypes - or initial phases of your project. I normally look back at least 6 months, then compare it with everything I've done over a 6 months period. Let me tell you a fact, not only it helped me persist but my own motivation grew to a level I wouldn't have ever imagined. I wanted to keep going because I knew how much improvement I've made, I could prove to myself that I was improving, the project was improving, and my practices were also improving.
  • Keep up your branding up to date including:
    • Project social media channels
    • Project websites
    • Email communications
    • Blog articles
    • Internal communication / documentation The key here and to keep your fans and team informed. I know that you may want to avoid this step, but honestly uploading few photos and writing down about what you're most passionate about shouldn't really be seem as a burden.
  • Go out and play, exercise, or take a minute to meditate - life is too short to worry too much about your project, yes staying persistent is important, but your health is way more important, your family is also important. I tend to take a break once in a while, specially when I get to an overwhelming period, if I feel that way, I take at least 1-2 days, then I come back recharge and ready to continue.


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