Never resting and overthinking about our own games for game developers

Never resting and overthinking about our own games for game developers

As many of you know game developers at least in the indie scheme of things are constantly thinking about their own game projects, we wake up thinking about what could we do to make our games better, what kind of things we could add, how could we fix those bugs, how could we bring joy to the player, and so on - the reality is that we are constantly thinking about innovating in our games 24 hours a day 7 days a week and even when we have family or friends around.


Thinking so much about your game is not harmful at all, instead you have to be that way, you have to be thinking beyond anyone else and also have to do things no one else is willing to do, however getting work done while you think about your game is important, please don't go hours thinking about a feature you want to create without actually doing it, start coding as soon as you think about it but don't stress yourself with a dream that never ends, and start getting work done, stop complaining, think about what others have suffered through than is worse than what you're going through because at the end of the day you have everything in your capabilities just like that other person you admired did, one who just achieved their dream of completing a successful game.


You may be thinking about so many things through the day related to your game that may even make you feel unique, make you feel different from anyone else, and if you have a day job maybe you see others and think about how easy is their life from what you have going on, you have a day job to do plus also getting your dream project out the door! I know is tough but is not impossible and never resting and obsession are the only way to get it done.


These are the steps I always follow to keep up with my own obsession:

  1. Install Trello and keep it close to your in your mobile device. I have few boards in which one is called "Game Development Ideas" where I put all the ideas I have throughout the day.

  2. Try the ideas but don't spend too much time on it.

  3. Once you have a working prototype for your idea share it with someone who wouldn't really have any attachments to you, this person needs to tell you without doubt if your concept is good or not.

  4. Throw away ideas or concepts that are not as fun. Do not ever get attached, if it doesn't work or is not fun just move on, there are way too many ideas that just won't work and going through them is part of the process, trust me you will find the one.

  5. Stay consistent with your process and stay motivated, there will be a day where you will look back and have joy from all the awesome things you learned through the process.


In conclusion stop overthinking too much about what needs to be done, grab a piece of paper and plan your project, or use a digital project management tool to help you out, don't overthink too much about specifics and look at the long term goal, start creating because at the end of the day a finished project is way better than an uncompleted project, in addition you will be way more motivated to keep working on your indie game projects as you acquired these habits.


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