Bringing back Fifteen 3D one of our first games

Bringing back Fifteen 3D one of our first games

We're now bringing back an old game the studio created a long time ago and hoping to have a completely fresh and new design but leaving the old game logic since the game mechanics are not going to be changing other than we will be adding new functionality.

The goal and hopes are to have it done quickly but applied everything we've learned while working on Stickman World

In the new version of the game we're also heavily using post effects (a lot of shaders) and tweaking them as much as we can to make it look amazing, in addition we're re-doing the UI and keeping a flat style for the UI.

This article is actually more like a "provide us feedback" than providing you insight on the game yet, but we want you to be involved in all stages of the process which is why we're asking for feedback on which versions you like best or if you like any at all? For instance, look at the screenshot on the top and notice the differences between the colorful game play vs the black and white and let us know your thoughts.

Again be as honest and provide feedback on what you would change or improve.

By the way this is a very simplistic puzzle game that will include solo and multiplayer mode to allow other player(s) to compete and the winner is determine by whoever solved the puzzle in the shortest time.


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