Transitioning from a "dreamer" to a "doer" mentality

Transitioning from a "dreamer" to a "doer" mentality

Ever since started working side projects around 5 years ago I was a dreamer, and don’t get me wrong I want to be a huge dreamer and feel like I have many dreams in life, but there is a huge difference about some of us who always wake up everyday thinking about who we want to be or what do we want to create, we spend hours and sometimes even visualize ourselves doing those things but unfortunately never have the guts to do them. I frequently hear so many people talk about all the amazing things they want to do, many even have incredible ideas and others are excited about their ideas but too afraid to tell anyone because they believe they could get stolen - the reality is many many ideas just stay in people’s head and many others are just dreams, however there're some people that have figured out how to manage to change their mentality from a “dreamer” to a “doer” and it is not just a simple task but there is a good process to follow to determine if an idea is good, or if it has weight, or even if the idea itself can bring passion to the person who came up with it in the first place, remember even if you have the most amazing idea and you happened to have assembled a great team you will need to be so passionate about what you’re building to drive excitement in your team and ultimately complete what you wanted to create in the first place.


What I am about to tell you will help you change your mentality from "dreamer" to a "doer" and foremost keep you passionate about your idea and hep you overcome all the obstacles that prevent you from just thinking as a “dreamer".


Write it down

As simple as this sounds YES you need to will need to write down your idea(s), add all the high level details needed to convert your idea into a real project - don’t get cut up in the details here just add all tasks based on what your knowledge is at this point.


Be positive (Say "Yes" to everything, or there is a way, or I will find a way, or I will make it happen)

I know from experience how much is required from you to get the idea started and ultimately completed, but attempt to be the person who is always positive, don’t think about how hard is to get there but instead think about how amazing is what you’re about to learn, how many people you are going to meet, how many of them you will help, and how awesome will it be to be the creator of such an amazing product or service. My advise is to always find a way, there is so much negativity that can just ruin your idea, but thinking of alternate ways will help you achieve anything in life and trust me ANYTHING can be done as long as you are always positive.


Persistence is your friend

You must persist, a lot of people I know were so close to get their product out, some even had it all done but failed to take the next step which was just monetize it, they were afraid of the unknowns and instead kept on dreaming while the right guy had an amazing attitude, one who didn’t get scare, one who kept on working hard even when doors were closed he/she kept on calling, one that just kept going while others didn’t have the guts it took to get their idea out.


Try your idea out (Prototype)

You may see this in every motivational article I write but prototyping is the key to opening anyone's eyes, seeing your idea in your head is a lot different than seeing it physically or even digitally on the screen, a lot of times all it takes is to prototype, once you see your idea in real life you may become so excited about it than motivation just happens naturally at this point.


Avoid or balance distractions

Personally I have 2 kids, my oldest is 3 and my second is 1, YES I have many distractions from 8 AM to 9 PM, so trust me I'm always busy and having a good time with them, I also set time aside each day by adding calendar entries for myself to work on what I am most passionate about, I also don’t watch TV during times I want to focus, or even music that I would find distracting, instead I do listen to inspirational classical music that can help me focus.


Don’t be afraid to fail

Failing to me equals learning, I don’t have a perfect formula to measure where I fail, but I have a perfect formula to keep going and is a combination of having a positive attitude and having a persistent attitude, I honestly try and weirdly find good about everything I do in my life, I don't just say that but many people who I worked over the years have mentioned it and is one of the characteristics of what you need to become, as you may know I work a lot with software and games, even if something does not do well money wise to me the reward really comes from what I’ve learned through the process and also understanding where I could have done better so I could improve next time. Isn't crazy to say I was able to release x product? while others were just sitting on their couches?


In summary, becoming a “doer” can be as easy as just starting the process, set time aside everyday to work on your project and set goals for yourself, wake up each morning and go through your goals and think about how you can get there but do whatever it takes to take the next move even if is very small! It does not matter but what matters here is to keep moving and learning as much as you can.


Be positive, be kind, and always try to be your best you.


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