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Creating a WatchOS companion for your Unity3d Game

Creating a WatchOS companion for your Unity3d Game

Apple Watch is an awesome device, I did not buy one when it first came out in 2015 but waited about one year to buy it and honestly used to say to myself why would I need an Apple Watch if I have my iPhone device with me at all times, but honestly you don ...

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How to Deliver your Unity3d Game to the Apple Mac Store

How to Deliver your Unity3d Game to the Apple Mac Store

About one week ago I decided to change my release plans, I previously wanted to release my game to iOS only and then out of the nowhere MAC came to mind which I never thought to be a problem as I have been playing Stickman World on my MAC / PC and it was fully supported ...

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Don’t let go of your passion!

Don’t let go of your passion!

Like everyone else I tend to lose focus once in a while and specially when my life revolves around software & game development and having an average of 4 to 6 hours of sleep.

My daily routine goes from waking up early around 5-6 AM and then going to a software programming day job which ...

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