Sarcastic simplicities of game development

Sarcastic simplicities of game development

It was about a year ago when I started working on a prototype for what's now called #StickmanWorld, honestly all I wanted was a small and simple game with a stickman as a hero, well there is no such thing as simple in the game development vocabulary and I wish I knew that but instead I embarked in an amazing experience working day and nights and learning while I was building the game.

For those who know me I just get things done and I don't like siting and watching tutorials but don't get me wrong they are helpful, it is just the way I push myself to learn something new.

Programming in general has many complex problems to solve but it was until I started game development when I realized that it wasn't just about the code, or how beautiful and refactored, reusable it was, still very important but it was different this time around, I had a duty and it was to make the player forget about their problems, connect them to my story, let them see what I personally had experienced by playing my game, it was beautiful and that's why I am happy to say I finally got 50 levels done!!!


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