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Stickman World takes place in an underground environment after the hero "Stickman" is surprised by his awakened in an unknown territory. The story emerges from the possible destruction of the human world in which Stickman recalls pieces of it but very uncertain of what really happened in his past he searches for hints in the underground world.

Cubiques brings you a collection of challenging puzzles with a minimalistic and atmospheric environment. The main character is as red cube with the main objective to simply visit all the tiles on each environment. New tile types are introduced as red advances through levels changing the mechanics of the game.

Cubiques 2 is the sequel of our acclaimed indie game "Cubiques". In this new sequel multiple cubes invade this simplistic but very challenging world. Every movement must be well thought out since each movement can affect multiple cubes in the environment.

Cubiques in augmented reality brings you a collection of challenging puzzles with a minimalistic and incredibly beautiful environment. It's a relaxing game, that is loaded with calming music and sounds that engage players through a fun adventure.


Fuse Balls is a casual and relaxing game with a very creative match 3 mechanic that takes gravity to a completely new level. The game includes a variety of powerups and presents the player with beautiful music and a flat UI style.

Indie game about solving puzzles in a minimalistic art gallery. The game idea is to use balls filled with paint and traverse the art gallery canvas to paint an abstract painting while solving a level.

Tiny Wheels is a minimalistic and addicting racing game which goal is to NOT CRASH. Tiny Wheels has a large variety of random generated content where all levels are different from when you played last time. Tiny Wheels uses its own randomize engine to ensure you get the proper level difficulty based on the distance traveled.


Cutz is a beautiful minimalistic casual game where your goal is to simply cut every single circle that approaches the center of the game area to protect it. Cutz difficulty raises as time elapses making it more and more difficult to keep up with circles. Power-ups are also available to help the player overcome difficulties.

The classic Fifteen puzzle game with a completely new 3D look and feel where the goal is to solve the puzzle in the shortest amount of time. The game includes 5 different environment themes making it vivid and full of colors. This game also includes 5 different music tracks that go nicely with the theme selected.


A puzzle scrolling platformer where Super Stick's reaction to a nuclear attack at the food factory where he works. Players will then be placed into the story by controlling Super Stick. Early levels are simple as players are introduced to game, environment, and enemy mechanics. Super Stick can walk, run, run fast, climb, swing, slide, get phased, and strike with his stick using multiple combos. Each enemy has special abilities and new enemies will be constantly introduced through the progressing levels.

The most unique aspect of the game is the striking moves from Super Stick and the look and actions of enemies. New factory mechanics will be introduced as the player completes levels. The POV will always stay on the side and Super Stick and enemies will mostly remain in profile unless completing an action. Players progress as they beat enemies and complete levels. Players can "beat" the game by completing all levels.

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I've been releasing games for the last few years and have gained a lot of experience with publishing. If you believe you have an unique game and don't have the necessary expertise with all phases of shipping a game just email me.

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A passionate software developer making tools to make everyone's life easier. Lately I've found a passion for making a new form of art called "Game Development" I enjoy and have grown a passion for making games like no other hobby, I find GameDev as a new way of expressing myself, a new way to let the world know what I can do and share my experiences with others.


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